I never should have gone GigaByte... fuck the low prices...

NOTE: When confronting Gigabyte with this, they of course claimed that it couldn't have left the company in this shape. Whatever, when shit like this happens, fingers will be pointed. I'm not going to run around in circles trying to figure out who fucked up (MA Labs or Gigabyte), you can come to that conclusion yourself.

These are the capacitors on a freshly RMA'd Gigabyte GA7VTXH (KT266A) motherboard. Needless to say, it's still in the antistatic bag. Yes, that's why the pics suck. Sue me.

I should note that the box and ESD bag suffered no damage at all, not even a scratch on the bag. Obviously it was fucked before they put it out for delivery.

If you can't tell the damage from above, here are some 640x480 pics:
2 other seemingly identical caps on the mobo, undamaged for comparison.
Overall pic of both caps.
Detail of the crushed tops.
Easy to spot the warpage on the right cap. That should be a perfect circle at the top.