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Seeders (43)

Peer IPUploaded
Share Ratio
Average Upload Rate
78.192.202.xxx2.77 GB0 B0d 00:17Perfect2.68 MB/sec
107.10.227.xxx52.03 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect50.26 KB/sec
69.181.28.xxx272.80 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect263.54 KB/sec
75.22.160.xxx579.61 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect559.93 KB/sec
23.233.74.xxx459.69 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect444.07 KB/sec
23.233.74.xxx459.69 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect444.07 KB/sec
83.251.243.xxx2.40 GB0 B0d 00:17Perfect2.32 MB/sec
216.129.232.xxx521.95 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect504.22 KB/sec
99.233.210.xxx367.68 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect355.19 KB/sec
82.142.19.xxx0 B0 B0d 00:170.0000 B/sec
217.24.233.xxx541.12 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect522.75 KB/sec
104.158.102.xxx257.56 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect248.82 KB/sec
104.158.102.xxx16.09 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect15.54 KB/sec
95.31.49.xxx2.40 GB0 B0d 00:17Perfect2.32 MB/sec
68.13.152.xxx0 B0 B0d 00:170.0000 B/sec
185.150.18.xxx4.66 GB0 B0d 00:17Perfect4.50 MB/sec
23.84.53.xxx3.33 GB0 B0d 00:17Perfect3.22 MB/sec
24.162.117.xxx1.00 GB0 B0d 00:17Perfect991.19 KB/sec
100.15.67.xxx85.75 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect82.84 KB/sec
151.80.43.xxx113.35 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect109.50 KB/sec
46.39.255.xxx0 B0 B0d 00:170.0000 B/sec
105.155.152.xxx0 B1.68 GB0d 00:170.0000 B/sec
91.109.244.xxx94.32 GB0 B0d 00:17Perfect91.12 MB/sec
217.102.166.xxx4.56 GB0 B0d 00:17Perfect4.41 MB/sec
72.21.17.xxx10.19 GB0 B0d 00:17Perfect9.84 MB/sec
162.40.212.xxx2.25 GB0 B0d 00:17Perfect2.18 MB/sec
109.221.123.xxx20.17 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect19.49 KB/sec
37.120.178.xxx781.92 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect755.36 KB/sec
98.128.232.xxx4.30 GB0 B0d 00:17Perfect4.16 MB/sec
172.92.174.xxx73.14 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect70.65 KB/sec
153.33.145.xxx2.56 GB0 B0d 00:17Perfect2.47 MB/sec
212.70.118.xxx732.72 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect707.83 KB/sec
132.255.18.xxx118.94 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect114.90 KB/sec
72.235.13.xxx431.81 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect417.15 KB/sec
159.148.36.xxx397.64 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect384.14 KB/sec
141.239.219.xxx69.87 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect67.50 KB/sec
72.234.74.xxx461.05 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect445.40 KB/sec
162.229.226.xxx2.03 GB0 B0d 00:17Perfect1.96 MB/sec
69.128.213.xxx0 B0 B0d 00:170.0000 B/sec
184.75.223.xxx279.43 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect269.94 KB/sec
146.70.224.xxx0 B0 B0d 00:170.0000 B/sec
80.235.155.xxx99.72 MB0 B0d 00:17Perfect96.33 KB/sec
146.70.115.xxx592.00 KB0 B0d 00:17Perfect571 B/sec

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